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Making Friends on LJ
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I am aware there are other communities on LJ for making friends, but this is not just for that. This is just for a place to chat and meet nice, new people.

The moderator of this community is gingertabbyEmma and she can be contacted at gingertabby86@hotmail.com

There are a couple of rules to this community too and everyone is expected to stick to them.

1. Posting of online test results is banned in this community, because there is no connection with them and making new LJ friends.

2. Posting of photos and pictures is also banned in ljfriends, unless they are photos of the person posting them. If you wish to have somewhere to post random photos or pictures there are several communities on LJ for this purpose.

3. Large photographs must be placed behind a lj-cut tag.

4. Anyone wishing to promote a community in ljfriends must ask permission from the moderator first. E-mail address above. Anyone who does not ask permission will have their posts deleted without warning.
If members consistently break this rule, they will be banned.

Thank you.

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